Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lone Goose

Lots of Canadian Geese hang out in my neighborhood. There are several ponds which the geese and some ducks enjoy. The geese always travel in packs. It's fun to watch parent geese and their goslings. When they walk, one parent will lead the way while the other brings up the rear-making sure all the kids are following properly. Sometimes I've seen a third, older goose, flanking the middle as well-making sure everyone stays together. The thing is-geese go in groups. They fly, walk, and swim, in groups. On our walk today Sam and I heard a goose honking. We saw him on land, near one of the ponds. He was alone. I couldn't see any geese nearby, in other ponds, anywhere. The lone goose walked to the pond and got in, honking every few seconds. As he swam, he continued to honk. Poor guy got separated from his pack. When we walked back, we didn't see him anymore-hopefully he returned to his family.

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