Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Raise Awareness Wednesday - Frog Pond Farm

I discovered Frog Pond Farm through jockey Mike Smith. Frog Pond Farm is a non-profit charitable organization in Ohio whose mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rehome draft horses. This rescue is having a  fundraiser by having people sponsor days in their 2012 calendar. You can buy a day for $10 and submit a picture of your pet, or you, which will be on the calendar. How cool is that? Mike took Kentucky Derby Day (with a picture of him kissing the trophy when he won it in 2005) and Breeders Cup Day. You'll see a picture of my rat Harrison on my birthday! In addition to their website, you can find Frog Pond Farm on Facebook (you can find Mike there too). That's the easiest way to get your day. You can ask if your day is available and upload a picture right there. There are lots of days still available-so go on and support them. It's a unique way to commemorate a special day for you.

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