Saturday, August 20, 2011

Last Day

Today is the last day of my vacation. I'm trying to savor every last moment and NOT think about work. I had a relaxing break of a vacation. I drove to Dunkirk, NY for America's Grape Country Wine Festival, went to the Brockport Art Festival, a German Festival, a tour of the Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, and Wedgestock. I took long walks with Sam and worked with Harley. I also spent time with the cats and rats. I watched the second season of True Blood. I did some basic work around the house-but not some of the in depth stuff I wanted to do. I also didn't do any of the crafts I wanted to do. One week is simply not enough, especially since the administration is blocking our time off. Who knows when I'll have a break other than my regular weekends? I've had dinner and am sipping wine in comfy clothes. I decided not to attend my 25th high school reunion-which is going on right now. I'm happy with that decision-sorry guys. I'll be working on a photo contest for a RAT group and just chilling this evening. If only my vacation could go on forever...while still being paid my current salary, of course!

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