Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stupid Cable

I pay a great deal of money for cable, basic digital cable at that. They've been advertising nonstop about their look back feature. If you miss a show, you can press a few buttons and watch it anytime within 3 days. There's also Prime Time on Demand-where you have longer to watch shows. Now that I work Evening Shift, I'm dependent on these features to watch my programs (Digital Cable has screwed up taping my shows, for the most past.) Anyway, I had a problem with On Demand. A technician came out, gave me a new cable box, regrounded some wires and did stuff outside and all was fine. I came home from work last night all excited to watch Top Chef All Stars. It was actually on when I came home, but for some reason the "start over" feature wouldn't pop up. I didn't want to watch just part of the show, so I ignored it and tried to use the "Look Back" feature. It says it was accessing and my program "would begin shortly". HA! I waited and waited-nothing. Then it said the program was "currently unavailable. Try again later." This morning I tried again. No go. I accidentally hit the restart button for another show-that didn't work either. I'm mad. They promote this feature endlessly, I pay a fortune, and it doesn't work! I'll be calling tomorrow to complain!

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