Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Interesting Dream

I swear, sometimes I have the most interesting dreams. They're better than TV! This one was very complex with different parts. It included a haunted room in a college where there were 1 female and 2 male ghosts. The female had drowned, something to do with the bathtub-and she could still turn on the taps. She also could talk-not EVPs, but actually audible to me. "So you think you're going to have a good time tonight?" Chilling, huh? After some spooky stuff and figuring out how to stop her-give her the gifts still kept for her in the lobby of the hotel/college I went to some other building-and into my dream came Duff Goldman. Yes, Duff from Ace of Cakes. Geoff was there too. I was keeping a female waiting and she decided to go home alone-but that was where the ghost was (I guess I hadn't quieted her down). So Duff, Geoff, and I decided to go with her. She had gone on without waiting for us, so we followed. When we got there it was spooky and all the furniture had been pushed to one side of the room. And that was it. Interesting, huh?

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