Saturday, February 19, 2011


You know that picture I posted yesterday, showing how the snow had all but melted away.'s back! I stayed late at work last night and imagine my surprise to see it snowing when I left. My car even had some snow stuck to it and the snow was sticking to the ground. The roads were fine, but it continued to snow. The closer I got to home, the worse it got. I almost missed my exit-which was completely snow covered. Once I was off the exit the roads were partially snow covered and the snow was really coming down. Again, the closer I got home, the worse it was. Suddenly I really had to slow-the snow was coming right at me so that I could barely see! Fortunately, I was about 2 minutes away at this point, but jeez! Fortunately, the roads, though snow covered at times, were OK, and there wasn't anybody else on the road at 3:20 AM. Still, driving in near white out conditions is not fun!

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