Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I love ballroom dancing. I love to watch professionals, and I enjoy watching ballroom competition. I was thrilled when Dancing with the Stars came to TV. However, I was not a religious viewer. Too many times I was disgusted by the voting public (as I am with most competition shows where viewers vote). Plus, I often had other things going on. This season I did watch periodically, even more that usual. Last night was the show that showed which 3 couples made it to the finals. Still amazed that Bristol Palin was still in the competition, I was shocked when, in the bottom 2 yet again, yet again, she remained. My face probably mirrored Jennifer Grey's. First, shock. Within moments, shock gave way to disgust and I shut off the TV and left for work. It is an absolute travesty that Brandy was eliminated and Bristol is in the final 3.

Why is it a travesty? Bottom line-Brandy dances very well...Bristol does not. You want more? You got it. First of all the show is Dancing with the Stars. And Bristol Palin is a star how? She got knocked up as an unwed teen and then became an activist for abstinence. OK. Is an activist a star? Maybe...what has she done as an activist? Has she written a book? Done a TV series? Does she even have a web series? Sorry, a blog, if she even has one doesn't count. I have a blog. I am not a star. With the answer to these questions a negative, the only reason people know her name is because of her famous mother...who may be famous, but isn't a star either. She, the mother, is a former governor, a losing candidate for vice presidency, and a basically a nut job working to destroy the environment. So how did Bristol Palin even get on the show? But, get on the show she did. So she danced. And she was lousy. She wasn't a performer and it showed. Yet, each week she remained in the competition-when much better dancers were eliminated...Audrina and Rick are big jump outs to me. Did she improve? Yes, she did. So did everyone else! But, the show is not "the most improved dancer". Nor is it "America's Favorite Dancer" like on So You Think You Can Dance. The winner should be the best dancer-in both technique and performance. Bristol has never been best in either category. "Oh, but she worked so hard." Yea...and so did every other contestant. I don't even want to watch the finale-my disgust is so high. But I must, because I must vote for Jennifer or Kyle. Will it even matter though? I hear there is a glitch in the system allowing people to send hundreds of votes online. Rumor has it that this method of cheating has allowed Bristol to remain on the show. Will they fix the glitch before the finale? Or will the least talented dancer actually win?

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