Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I heard on the radio today that e-mail (at least as we know it today) is passe and will be gone from the masses...like landline phones. I'm sorry I like e-mail...and I have a landline phone. "They" say e-mail is too slow. People want immediate contact. Texting and instant messaging are the way to go. I say, "No Thank You!" I don't want instant contact. While periodically it's nice to IM online-for the most part, I don't want to be bothered. Let me get to you when I want to get to you. As for phones...while Smart phones may be neat-I don't want one! I have a tracfone that I use for emergencies and the rare long distance phone call. People don't know the number...and I don't want them to know it. It's only turned on when I'm traveling and meeting up with people-and sometimes not even then.When I'm out and about, I don't want to stop to talk on the phone. I'll get back to you when I get home-so just leave a message. Yes, I still have an answering machine. Deal with it! I also write letters...on real stationery. I guess I'm just an old curmudgeon who is passe. Guess what. I can live with that!

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Steph said...

Good for you. I do text a lot, but mainly because that is the best way to reach my brother. I love email and mailing letters/cards.