Thursday, November 18, 2010

High Risk

I took my folks to the hospital today for Dad's surgical consult. According to the surgeon, he's high risk-"That's why you're seeing me". Due to all the mess created by the surgery in Buffalo, he may have to do in through the side to get to heart, instead of through the chest. Which makes it trickier. But he's done it before. He's done heart transplants, put in artificial ones, and more. The guy seems good...and nice too. I stayed in the waiting room, so I didn't meet him, but from what the folks said, he seems like a good guy. He said he's building a band. Dad will be his second trumpet-he put an artificial heart in another trumpet player! Dad has to go through several tests, both in Buffalo and Rochester, before the surgeon can figure out how he's going to proceed. So Dad may not have the surgery for a while. Both of my parents seemed quite pleased with the hospital. Hopefully he'll get much better care than he did in Buffalo.

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