Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Glasses

I hate getting new glasses. I despise picking out frames-how can you tell what the heck you look like when you can't see?!?! Then, when you get your new glasses, you have to adjust to the new prescription. This go around was especially bad for me. I have to get used to, not only a new prescription, but having bifocals as well. Sigh. Yesterday I was continually dizzy and nauseous. Today is better, thankfully. I'm not sure how I like the frames...but at least I can see better, when I don't make myself dizzy.


Sonja said...

Just be like me and don't wear any glasses unless you need them for driving. So far it works out nicely!

Katreader said...

Not an option. I'm pretty much blind without my glasses.

Steph said...

Getting new glasses is the worst. I can totally sympathize.