Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Own Disparity

When I lived in Texas I was a member of the Heart of Texas Chapter of Sisters in Crime. Sisters is a wonderful organization that promotes female mystery writers. The truth is that while females write many mysteries, the field is dominated by male authors who receive more press and recognition. There is a disparity and it's not pretty. I am a voracious reader and the majority of books I read are by female authors. However, I noticed a glaring disparity created by myself. Recently I was challenged to list 15 books of great importance to me. Shortly thereafter I was told to list 15 authors that have greatly influenced me in 15 minutes. I came up with my author list and while many authors are on both lists-there are differences. Here's my issue with myself-of the 15 books...only 4 were written by women. Of the 15 authors, again, only 4 were women and of those 4, 2 write with their husbands. Why aren't women featured more predominantly on my lists? Or at least closer to 50/50?

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