Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good Cats

I have very good cats. I am home sick with a bad cold. Yesterday, Callie was my little nursemaid-sitting on my lap most of the night, checking in to see I was OK, and sleeping close to me all night. Seneca, meanwhile, is making sure the house is OK. I intended to go to work last night, I even made a sandwich to take for lunch. I didn't go to work, and today I decided to have my sandwich for lunch. However, instead of just eating a cold sandwich, I decided to put the salami and cheese in my George Foreman and grill it. As it was cooking I went to the basement to get some ginger ale. While there I got distracted by the dirty lint catcher for the washing machine and was cleaning that out. I was surprised when I saw Seneca. Now, Callie regularly plays in the basement, but Seneca rarely goes-when she does she usually just hangs out on the top of the plastic storage pantry. Instead, she came out and mewed at me. That's when I realized-she came to get me as my sandwich was done. She followed me right up and I was able to save the sandwich. No burned lunch for me. Yes, I have very good cats.

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