Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Year

Today got off to a pretty good start. Although it took a while to get out of bed on this gloomy morning, I got up and went straight to the barn. Harley and I rode inside as it had just started to pour rain. He actually wanted to work today and we had a good time of it. I really have a wonderful horse. I was a mess at the canter-flopping around like a fish. But Harley just did his job-and helped me out, knowing what I wanted to do. He got lots of treats afterward! A bit later I took Aleister to the vet for his annuals. (Aleister got a good checkup. He has these weird polyps in his ears, but they don't bother him and they'd be painful to remove and come right back. Doc suggested trying some hydrocortisone ointment, so I'll pick some up.) While we were waiting I realized the date. Today is September 16. One year ago today I took Barrett to the vet and helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge. The tears started then and continue now. Barrett was a wonderful dog and I still miss him.

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