Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I love books. I always have. I'm a voracious reader too; so much so that I'd go broke if I bought all the books I read. Thank Heaven's for the library system. I still used to buy a lot of books though. Due to space, and budget constraints, I now, generally, just read library books. I feel bad though, for the authors I love trying to make a living and periodically I do buy books. Generally, I will go to book signings and buy the book while also getting it signed by the author. I think it's pretty neat. I was out and about today, looking for a gift for my goddaughter and I decided to go into Barnes and Nobles. I found a neat book for her-a mystery with ghosts as well as local history! Then I thought I might pick up a new mystery by an author who befriended me on Facebook. They had one copy left...but as I was reading the back...and the intro...and, OK the first page, I wasn't sure that I'd really like it. There are so many books I truly love that I don't own and I wasn't sure if I'd like this one. Plus, it wasn't I decided I'd wait and hope a local library will carry it...or perhaps she'll include my area in a future book signing tour. I will admit that I did buy a new mystery. It takes place in a cheese shop-now, how could I refuse that?

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