Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Few Hours

I'm entering the last few hours before I have to return to work. Sigh. Since I stayed up late-trapped watching The Haunted on Animal Planet (they need to wait that in the daytime, not late at night) it was difficult to get up on this grey morning. When I left the house for the barn it was drizzling-though it had stopped by the time I got Harley tacked up. He was a pain as I was getting him ready-but once we were in the indoor arena and ready to go-he was ready to work. He was a very good boy, walking with purpose, paying attention at the trot, and getting all correct leads at the canter. We worked doing circles at the canter and he did very well, even though we missed a few cones. After cooling down and brushing off he got to go out in the pasture. I came home, fixed lunch and had a glass of wine. Soon it'll be time for a bath, a nap, and then work. Too bad vacations...paid vacations, mind you...couldn't last forever!

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