Thursday, July 29, 2010


I sleep with 2 regular sized pillows. Lately, I noticed that my pillows were getting really flat, hardly pillows at all. I realized that I've had them for years...honestly, I don't think I've changed them since I've been in this house, which, if you remember I celebrated my anniversary, has been over 8 years. While at Target I was wandering in the bedding aisles and decided to get 2 new pillows. They were nice and fluffy. So I brought them home and stripped the bed-new pillows deserved fresh clean sheets. When I put the pillows in the pillow cases, I noticed something a bit odd. The cases were MUCH longer than the pillows...I mean MUCH! The pillows, in the meantime, seemed as high as they were long. While they are nice and fluffy, they are much higher than my old squashed pillows and are taking some getting used to. Still, I guess I'll squish them into shape soon enough.

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