Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Badger Balm

There is such a thing as great customer service. I recently placed a large order of products from Badger Balm. A friend ordered some things and I ordered a lot, mainly as gifts. The order arrived quickly and I just went through it. All my friends items arrived, and most of mine did. However, I did not see the 2 gardener gift packs I ordered, but did see 2 lip balm gift packs. Hmmm. I looked at the packing list and saw the 2 gardener packs listed...and no balms. So I called the company. Sure enough I was charged for the gardener packs, but somehow, the lip balms went into my box instead. So they will ship out the gardener packs tomorrow-and I get to keep the lip balms. Since I was in no rush to get the products it works out great for me-I love their lip balms too. I highly recommend their products and their company.

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