Sunday, July 11, 2010

Corn Hill Arts Festival

Today I went to the Corn Hill Arts Festival for the first time. I had a nice time, buying lots of Christmas presents, plus a few goodies for me. They had all sorts of neat things-including furniture (I wanted some things, but no way could I carry it-and he wasn't local), fountains, neat garden stuff (cute ducks with a body of a rock and metal for the head and feet), paintings (I added to my animal art-The Pet Adoption Network has paintings by cats in their care! Cheap and for a wonderful cause.) jewelry, recycled items and much much more. Unfortunately, a lot of my purchases were from a metal worker. My arms are so sore. And it was so hot! I didn't realize just how huge this thing was either! I had to park quite a ways away, then I walked to the neighborhood, then I walked around...half the time lugging all my metal! I just wanted to get out-but it was a long way back. Of course, the guys hawking the cold water when I first came in were nowhere to be found as I was leaving-but I did manage to find a freezie pop, and helped send a girl to camp with the purchase. Still, I knew I was getting dehydrated. I managed to get home, guzzle down some water, stand under a cool shower, and drink more. I'm still not properly hydrated. I'm happy I went, although I wish they'd have these festivals when the weather cools down!

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