Saturday, March 13, 2010

Restaurant Week

More than halfway through, I discovered that this was Restaurant Week. A neat initiative, participating restaurants offer a 3 course meal for $20.10. I think it's a great incentive to try new restaurants or even new things on a menu. I know I tend to get the same things-especially at special restaurants where you don't often go. When I learned that The Johnson House was participating, I knew I needed to make a reservation! I had dinner there this evening and had a wonderful meal. I started with a cosmopolitan (not included, obviously, but I needed a drink and wanted a treat) and they had fresh warm bread, butter, and a bean mixture (which I never have). The only issue when eating alone at a relatively romantic restaurant-it's pretty dark and reading my book by candlelight was a bit difficult. As for the special meal you had choices for all aspects-appetiser, main dish, and dessert. I chose chicken pot stickers with a Thai cucumber sauce to start. Yummy and quite different. The cucumber sauce was spicy, yet cool. Then I was brought a salad with their fantastic creamy bacon dressing. I love that stuff. I really only had one choice for the main course. I didn't want the chicken and I don't like seafood-so there went the scallops and tilapia, and the beef had shrimp with it. I, therefore went with the pork tenderloin with bourbon glaze. It was good-but a little sweet. I also had their amazing French fries (you MUST get their fries, I don't know what they do to make them so good, perhaps a deal with the devil...). Finally dessert. I must admit-the best was last. I had a chocolate raspberry torte that was incredible. The torte had some sort of light crunch sprinkled on, warm chocolate sauce drizzled over, fresh raspberries on the side and ultimate chocolate raspberry goodness throughout. It was amazing. All that, with tax for $31.35. It was another fantastic meal at The Johnson House.

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That dessert sounds yummy.