Monday, March 8, 2010

My First True Day as a Curler

Today was the first day I actually curled. What fun! I got to the club early for some one on one instruction. Lois, and then Tom, helped me tremendously. In fact, I actually got 5 stones in the house. Tom said that was amazing, especially as I just started. It looks like I'm a natural! Who'd've thunk! Obviously, I have so much to learn and practice-but it seems I have a natural ability. Then it was time to actually play a game. We were short of players today, so we had teams of 3, instead of 4. This meant I got an extra stone each end-but we all helped sweep-so I swept a lot. Talk about tiring. I wasn't near as good as I was in practice-I was a bit of a gorilla, throwing too hard. But my lines weren't bad-and for my first time doing it... My team lost, but it was a good game. After the game we all went up and had soup. The skip from the team that beat us bought me a beer. What a great group of people. Everyone was so nice, very helpful and friendly. I'm so glad I joined the club. I'm already starting to feel the ache, but I can't wait til next week!

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