Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adventure Dream

I had such an interesting adventure dream. I wish I could plug my brain into a computer and download my subconscious dream world. Today's dream would make a great movie! I wish it went on longer. Basic story-guy in house (kind of like my grandparents-in that there's a secret way out). He's being chased by bad guys. Gets the kitten and escapes. Meanwhile I'm also looking for him-we do escape together and start driving heading for Canada. He picks up a trunk with necessary supplies-but we know that's suspicious so we stop at Goodwill to pick up suitcases. Can pay by cash and no one will trace it to us. It's run by Salvation Army people. They want our info for census reasons. The hero is taken aback. Lead Salvation guy figures out something's up, but is on our side and gives us his address to use. I look for clothes-we decide to pose as honeymooners and I look for a bridal type traveling outfit...and honeymoon lingerie. Yup, here's the romance, guy doesn't know it, but Salvation guy figures it out and counsels me. I get a ring and hero and I head to Niagara Falls, Canada taking the Rainbow Bridge (lesser used...really it is). He has a contact who will take the car North East and towards Vermont...on the Canadian side. We'll then hide out in a Niagara Falls hotel for a few days. I only wish I knew what happened next. Sadly, I woke up.

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