Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Titanic Artifact Exhibit

I was Miss Marie Grice Young, a 36 year old accomplished musician from New York City. I was sailing with my friend, Mrs. John S. White, from Cherbourg. I was returning to Washington DC where I had been a music instructor to Ethel Roosevelt, President Theodore Roosevelt's daughter. I was also shipping some very expensive live chickens and I checked on them daily. At least that was the information on my boarding pass. I was a first class passenger on the Titanic.

Today I went to see the traveling exhibit of Titanic artifacts. As you enter the exhibit you are given a boarding pass-a wonderful touch. The exhibit is truly amazing and I recommend that if it ever comes to your area-be sure to see it. There are reproductions of 1st and 3rd class cabins, and lots of artifacts. There are perfume samples from a perfume manufacturer hoping to sell his wares in America. You can still smell traces of his scents. You can see parts of the ship itself and many personal belongings such as buttons, calling cards, and more. There's even a syringe with 2 white pills. It's amazing that these items survived. There are also pictures of many of the passengers and crew with brief notes about their lives. Sadly, although 705 people were saved this nautical disaster claimed 1,523 lives. Miss Marie Grice Young survived.

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