Monday, January 11, 2010

Nights to Days is Tough

I was to start my 6 word Mondays today...but I have more to say! Switching from a night schedule to a day one for the weekend is difficult. I got home Saturday morning and slept-and had a very hard time getting up, sleeping more than 2 hours longer than I wanted. I got up early Sunday, again, not quite as early as I wanted, but not bad. I did my errands and then got discouraged. The day was almost gone and I hadn't gotten near what I wanted to accomplish. I finished watching the Red Green DVD I got from the library since it was due on Monday and felt I should go to bed-I was tired before watching the show. Then I decided to watch Demons on BBC on demand, before it was gone. By then it was midnight, but I turned on Animal Planet and got captivated by The Haunted. It's paranormal reality, with animals involved. They have reenactments, real videos, interviews and more. It's kind of like A Haunting. Well, by that time I was wide awake-after all, if it was during the work week I'd just be starting. After that episode-they had another, so I had to watch that one too. When that ended I did turn off the TV, but I had been looking forward to a bath-so I took that, instead of a quick shower. So, although I was tired at 8PM I didn't get to bed til 3AM! Sigh. Switching schedules isn't working so well for me.

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Steph said...

I commend you for even trying. There is no way I could do it.