Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fast Moving Day

I can't believe how quickly the day goes. I'm halfway through my long weekend already-and, while I'm enjoying it, time is rushing by and I'm not doing all I wanted. I went to the zoo today. I always enjoy going and saying hi to my favorite zoo animals, Nikko and Luna, the arctic wolves. Poor Nikko still has an ear infection. But they always come close to say hello. (That's Luna to the left-as you look at the picture-and her brother Nikko looking at me) Sadly I didn't get to see Admiral, the North American river otter. He's almost never around when I go. After the zoo I stopped at the great mystery library, then Polska Chatta, used a gift card at PetCo, picked up lunch at a deli and ate while watching Doctor Who. Then I had a nap after which I went to the barn to groom Harley and lunge him. Now I'm back home in comfy clothes, Yankee candle lit, and am debating to watch a movie or my BritComs while I enjoy a tasty treat.

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