Friday, February 22, 2008

Rant Against Humanity

In general, I don't like people. Individually-I like a lot of them, but on the whole-people suck. Nowadays people take no responsibility for their actions. We are ruining the earth and think we are the prime reason for existence. Sorry people-we are not the be all end all! While I have these thoughts most of the time, I usually keep comments to myself. I know a lot of my beliefs are quite radical. I won't even go into most of them. So, what brought on this diatribe? A person on a weblist I'm on described an injury to her pet and asked what she could do, qualifying it with, "I can't afford to take it to the vet". Hello?! Then why do you have animals if you can't , or more probably, won't take care of them? And I'm not talking about a $50,000 procedure here, just a trip to the vet. I bet if you had a human kid you'd take it to the doctor. It just steams me. You know what also steams me? People who just join a group and ask for handouts! Don't get me started...wait...I already am. Well, I'm going to play with my furry kids and ignore humanity-I'm in much better company!

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