Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fun with Horses

You don't need to ride to have fun with your horse. I rode today, but the other day Harley and I just went into the indoor arena and played. I led him in, then took off the lead rope. He took off for the far end and rolled. Then he got up, cantered away and bucked. I wish I had the video camera! I had the jolly ball my parents gave him for Christmas. I threw it near him and he ignored it. Then he cantered down the center of the area, made a tight circle around a cone, cantered back and sniffed at the ball. Then he walked over for some pets. He was off again, rolling a few times, before he stopped and stared at me. I walked over to him and suggested a race. I said, "On your mark..get set...go!" And we both took off. He went from a trot to a canter and thus beat me. He is a former race horse after all. After a few more pets, he was just standing next to me, so I suggested a walk. I started to walk and he came right with me. He was walking as if I had a lead rope on, but there was no rope. We just walked companionably together 3 times around the arena. Then I called it a day. It was a very nice time and I think we both had fun!

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