Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bad Roads

The roads were bad last night. And the 2 people that called in due to weather when the roads were fine came to work! Go figure. After scraping all the ice off my car-yes the snow had turned to freezing rain (lovely) I put the car in 4 wheel drive for the whole way home. I was in a pack of vehicles coming up a section of the highway where a 36 car pileup with fatality occured on Sunday when an SUV about 3 cars ahead spun out across all 3 lanes. Fortunately, our pack was spaced out well-so no one else was involved. Another car pulled up to his and apparently the driver was fine. Scary though. Took me a LONG time to get home, especially after seeing that. But at least I was able to get into my driveway!

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PJ E said...

You know, now I'm gonna worry about you. Please be safe. Remember, ALL the other drivers are insane and out to get you! (Yeah, I spent three years in Boston, where driving is considered a blood sport).