Sunday, February 24, 2008

Interesting Dreams

Sometimes I have such interesting dreams. Last night was a night in point. I had several dreams, including one where I was communicating with ghosts through a light (it would blink or grow brighter or dimmer in response to my questions) in my Aunt Bert's former house. I wasn't sure if I was communicating with her spirit or not-but ghostly things were afoot. I also was taking classes and got annoyed that every Tuesday and Thursday I had a class that ended at 7AM and the next one wasn't until 9:30AM. Then I was head of a group of people that found these guys in a building and the others let them go without IDing them. My concern, what if we found a dead body in a room and then where would we be?! Then the hostage, and the outdoor class...I had a busy night. No wonder it was so hard to get up. I was so comfy in bed, the cats (all 3) around me, and I was interested in the stories in my head! I could have stayed in bed all day...if I didn't have to go to work, I would have stayed even longer!

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