Monday, February 11, 2008

How are the Roads?

That's a commonly heard phrase in this part of the world from November even into April at times. Preparing to leave for work you check the TV or radio, or ask people that have been out. Leaving from work, you ask the people coming in, "How are the roads?" That question was asked many times yesterday leading into today, with varying answers. Most said, "fine" a few said, "slippery". Two night shift people called in due to the weather. Everyone looked askance at that-it wasn't that bad out. We're used to winter driving here-just leave early and drive slowly. No driving ban, not even word of white outs, and it wasn't snowing, what's the problem?! Anyway, for my commute home the roads were fine-not a problem. Then I turned the car and saw my driveway. Or didn't see it. Wind and plows had left a snowdrift about 3 feet high blocking my entire driveway! No way, even with 4 wheel drive, could I attempt to get in. So I put on the emergency blinkers, climbed the drift, got my shovel and started to dig. Unfortunately, the temperature was 4 degrees, the snow was more ice that anything, the wind was blowing and after I got about a foot deep and the width of my car wide I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. So I said, "I have 4 wheel drive", I got in, backed up to gather speed, and gunned it. I got about half way in. Stuck! For a half an hour I tried pulling in, pulling out, shoveling around the dice. Stuck. So I called AAA. Thank God for AAA. I went in the house and waited. Soon I heard a truck outside. So I went out and saw the tow truck guy walking towards me. "We've got to stop meeting like this, " he says. It's the same tow truck guy who helped me 2 weeks ago when my car wouldn't start! Anyway, he took my keys and told me to go inside, it was -15 degrees wind chill factor he said. (Yes, that's negative 15!) No wonder I couldn't feel my fingers! Anyway, he eventually got my car into the garage and told me to start my snow plow up early tomorrow. I told him I didn't have a snow plow-just my shovel, he said to call a snow plow guy as the snow was mainly drifting snow and therefor mainly ice. Great. So wish me luck getting out of my driveway in the morning. I have a feeling I'll be canceling my riding lesson!


PJ E said...

Two words for you dear: Snow Blower. Think about it ;)

Or move the hell back to Texas!!!!!!!! (I like that one better . . . gee, wonder why?)

Katreader said...

I know, I know...about the snow blower that is. I much prefer dealing with winter than Texas summers!

PJ E said...

But that's why God invented Air Conditioning!

We missssssss yoooouuuuuuuuu

Bah, I just a) wanna meet you in person, and b) want someone to bitch about the weather with ;)