Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Want a Cookie?

I never did any holiday baking, although I may do some winter baking. Fortunately, I was the recipient of homemade cookies from my mom and a friend. I did see some wonderful cookie recipes I'd love to try.  I subscribed to a few holiday cookies of the day e-mails and I was even involved in a Christmas Cookie Contest at Mystery Lovers' Kitchen. I submitted 2 of my grandmother's recipes and one was chosen as a finalist-Raspberry Rollups. The results-a tie! Raspberry Rollups tied Spicy Gingerbread Cookies. We're now in a runoff. My recipe is a bit behind, but it's close with 2 days left to vote. Did you do any holiday baking? Did you try some new recipes, stick with the old reliables, or a little of both?

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Steph said...

I didn't do any baking this year. I barely did shopping. I am happy to have 2011 behind me.