Sunday, January 15, 2012

Siberian Husky Mixes

Although neither my Brioche (who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge), nor my Sam look like a traditional Siberian Husky-I was told when I adopted each that they were Siberian Husky mixes. Brioche was supposedly Siberian Husky/White Shepherd and Sam a Siberian Husky mix (personally I think he has some Setter in him as well-but that's a guess). I adopted Brioche in Texas, but eventually we moved to New York state and she got to experience winter...and snow. At that point I became convinced that Brioche was indeed part Siberian Husky. She loved the snow and would just stand in it and stare, enjoying the cold. Sam is exactly the same way. Just before bed I let him out for his last business of the night, he does it, but then doesn't want to come in. He stands, in a drift, and stares; while I'm bundled up in the single degree temps!

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