Monday, January 2, 2012

Wacky Weather

We had a green Christmas this year and the temperature on New Year's Eve was in the mid 40's. Very strange for this time of year in WNY. New Year's day started pretty warm as well as Sam and I went on our walk, but by the time I got to work the wind started picking up and the temperature started to drop. It also started to rain. Halfway though the evening the winds got wild (we had a wind advisory) and it got colder. As I left work it was windy and drizzly. I co-worker coming in for the next shift warned me to drive carefully and "keep both hands on the steering wheel". It didn't see that bad as I walked to my car...but then I started to drive. The drizzle turned into snain-that wet stuff that looks like snow, but doesn't accumulate and acts more like rain. The snaining continued and the winds picked up. At a stop light I saw sheets of snain! I got on the highway and the snain soon turned to snow-and the winds buffeted my car. Both hands on the wheel. At least the roads were clear...until I started to get close to home. The roads were becoming snow covered and the snow was coming at me...until I was about 5 minutes from home. The snow stopped and all was clear, windy, but clear. This morning it's about 32. There's a small amount of snow-but roads and sidewalks are clear. However, we're under a lake effect snow warning. It's going to start snowing this evening and through tomorrow. Tomorrow the high is only supposed to be 14. It'll be a short walk tomorrow Sam!

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