Saturday, January 28, 2012

35 Years Ago

It was 35 years ago today that it hit; the Blizzard of '77. I was just a kid, so to me it was a great adventure, nothing scary. My main memory is getting to my grandparents house. Normally it was a 5 minute drive-not so this time. My parents and I set off, driving, but we couldn't cross the border between Kenmore and Buffalo. We left the car and set off on foot. When we got to their street we couldn't believe what we saw. In the middle of the road was a mountain of snow, higher than the 2 story houses. I'll never forget that sight! Apparently, the blizzard only brought 6-12 inches of snow with it; it was the 38 inches already there that caused the problem, along with the 30-40 mile an hour winds which buried cars and houses and stranded hundreds...if not thousands. Here are some pictures compiled from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District publication entitled "Operation Snow Go - Blizzard of '77". Here's another site with some great photos. You can also watch some clips on Youtube. If you're on Facebook, like Perry's ice cream and you can see many more pictures and recollections. You can also try their commemorative Blizzard of '77 ice cream-Zero Visibility. I survived the Blizzard of '77...and I have the board game to prove it!

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