Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I'm in the middle of my vacation wondering where on earth the time is going. I haven't done much of anything. Today my folks came up and we cleaned the rugs. They should be back any time now and we're going out to dinner. That'll be great. Filet Mignon. Yummm. Aside from the Wine and Herb Fest all I've done on vacation is write one letter, finish and turn in my challenge card, and...well, that's it really. Must accomplish more. More stamping. More fun! More-something, before vacation time runs out!


PJ E said...

Hey, you should also list setting up your new computer in your accomplishments. That's a biggie, even though it'll take time to get everything sorted out, you've done the rough part.

Besides, vacation time is relax time. Don't fill it so much that you're exhausted when you go back to work!!

Katreader said...

How could I forget installing my new computer? Yup, that took some time.