Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I went to the dentist this morning about my broken tooth. Sure enough, it was fractured. My dentist numbed me up before he started poking around. First he just did this topical stuff, then the dreaded needles. They weren't too bad as I was already a bit numb from the topical. The he said, "You'll feel some pressure with this next one. I just wanted to warn you." SOME PRESSURE?!?!?!?! Oh My God. First of all it was paritally on the roof of my mouth (Have you ever had a shot on the roof of your mouth? I have, it's horrible.) Then he started pushing it in...then came the pain-like he was going right into the nerve. Then it got worse and the tears came, unbidden, from my eyes. Oh My God. After a bit he started looking around-sure enough-big crack. He explained some stuff, then said we needed to remove it, now. So he did. Most unpleasant experience. I only jumped out of the chair once...take that back, 3 times. The first when a huge portion of the tooth popped out. Then twice more when I started to gag. I have a major gag reflex...the blood pooling in my mouth got me the first time. How awful. But he got all of the tooth out (took x-rays to make sure). He told me when he pulled the tooth he could actually see into my sinus. He's concerned if I catch a cold or the flu...I'll be in big trouble. He packed it up well and sewed it all up. Eventually, I'll get either a bridge, or if my insurance allows, an implant. I'm on antibiotics, praying I don't get sick, and he also gave me a ton of pain killers, "you'll need them!" Yikes. The most amazing thing he said was, 'it's a good thing you used common sense and insisted on coming in before Friday. If you'd have waited that long we'd have to have taken you to the hospital." Thank God. So, I'm not going to work, taking pain meds, using my kitty boo-boo buddy and trying to rest today.

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