Thursday, April 24, 2008

Top Chef Improv-Spoiler Alert

WARNING!!! SPOILER ALERT. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN TOP CHEF SEASON 4 IMPROV-STOP READING...unless you don't intend to watch it, then, please, continue.

I was soooooo mad after last night's Top Chef. I can't believe it. The chefs had to make a dish using 3 words thrown out at an improv show. Antonia and Lisa had Magenta, Drunken, Polish Sausage. They made a dish of Chilean Sea Bass and chorizo. HELLO?!?!?!?! Where's the Polish sausage? Their response was unbelievable as well, "It's improv." "Why should we have to listen to what a bunch of drunks thew out." Then, and this is what totally got me angry, one of them said she'd only had shrink wrapped Polish sausage with sauerkraut and Antonia said she'd never serve Polish sausage. How dare she? She doesn't even know what fresh Polish sausage tastes like! I've never liked Lisa and now I've lost all respect for Antonia.

Fresh Polish sausage is wonderful-there were so many things they could have done. Boil or braise the sausage in beer (using Okocim, ┼╗ywiec, or another Polish beer if possible). Serve with beer battered potato strips and plate using regular horseradish and beet horseradish laid out like the Polish flag (white & red). Or boil the sausage then cut it in pieces, make a tempura batter using beer, coat and fry. Frying should be a technique as drunks like fried foods! Use beer, come on-beer and sausage work. This combination was so easy. I'm not a chef, by any means, and look at all the ideas I had! Add to the fact that this season is in Chicago-where there exists a large Polish population-Antonia and Lisa were disrespectful, ignorant, and wrong. They should have been the losing dish. At least Stephanie and Jen used the ingredient they were given and played up all of the words. Chef Colicchio, I respect you, but you and all of the judges were completely wrong in not naming Antonia and Lisa the worst dish! They showed complete disregard for the words they were given, Lisa showed a poor attitude (having a shot after serving the dish) and both showed ignorance and disrespect toward an ethnic food. In my opinion, they both should have been eliminated and I'll do a merry dance when they are both finally sent home!

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