Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Computer

I spent most of yesterday installing my new computer. For the most part, it went quite smoothly. I'm having some issues-right now I can't click on the box to write this blog-I have to tab my way in. Same thing happened when I used neomail. Hopefully, the situation will rectify itself. I haven't reinstalled my pictures and home movies yet. And now it says my printer has been disconnected. Who knows. I didn't want Vista-but they gave me no choice. One things-it sure is speedy. I can now play a game on Neopets I was having problems with before. My skill wasn't the problem-a slow computer was! I went from scoring around 150 with an all time high of 268 and I just scored over 1500! We'll see what happens next. (OK, I did some edits and now I can click in the box-go figure!)

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