Friday, November 9, 2007

Sweeney Todd

I was watching TV the other day and saw a preview for an upcoming movie: Sweeney Todd. Wow, I though, a film version of Sweeney, cool. Ooh-Tim Burton's directing-that's fitting. It should be good and dark. Ooh-Johnny Depp as Sweeney-that'll be good. They must be making it as a non musical. Imagine my surprise to discover that, no-it's the musical all right. But can Johnny Depp sing? I mean this piece is not easy. Maybe he'll fake sing, like so many movie musicals. (Which really pisses me off as there are so many singers that can act and they just hire a big name who can't sing and have them lip sync to the real talent, grrrrrrrr.) But I hear he's really singing. It should be interesting. Sweeney Todd may just be my favorite musical of all time. It was also probably my favorite musical performance experience as well. Even though I was just in the chorus, I think it beat out some of my leading roles for fun! Of course, now I have Sweeney music running through my head at odd moments. "Swing your razor high, Sweeney." It could be worse.

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Bun-Girl said...

Ooo -- I hadn't heard about this. I can't wait! Somehow, I'm not surprised to find out that Johnny Depp can sing. He can do just about everything else... I might not be surprised to learn he could fly!