Thursday, November 15, 2007


This morning's visit to the dentist went well, even if I never actually saw a dentist. Why is that? These days you go "to the dentist" to get your teeth cleaned, but the dentist doesn't clean your teeth-the dental hygienist does. She (or he-although I've yet to meet a male dental hygienist, I'm sure they're out there) also takes your x-rays. In fact, if all goes smoothly, you never even catch a glimpse of the dentist. The dentist doesn't even pop in for a look (although the hygienist did show my x-rays to a dentist-he never saw me or my actual teeth). Fortunately, all went well today. I have a new hygienist, my old one left. I really liked my old one. Mind you, she wasn't old, she was my age, NOT old, so I guess I should say my former hygienist. The new one's OK. She seems very young and kind of new. She took a long time scraping my teeth, whereas Tara was fast and thorough. Still she seems nice-she once had pet guinea pigs and didn't make a face when I said I had pet rats, although she did seem a bit surprised. At any rate, my teeth are clean and I have no cavities! Next visit to the dentist-May 2008! Or should I say next visit to the dental hygienist...which should really be the title to this blog-the dental hygienist.

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