Friday, November 16, 2007


I feel as if I'm running a hospital here, giving meds and scrubbing things clean. The rats have rat lice-other species can't catch it-Thank God! So I've just spent over 2 hours scrubbing and disinfecting cages. Then the Ohio Brothers each got treated with Frontline. My eyes are still all squinty from trying to find .13 on the syringe! Flurry was quite helpful. While I was opening up the syringe-he picked up the vial of medicine and tried to open it for me. Fortunately, he wasn't successful! Later this evening Slipper will need his second daily dose of Baytril. I was out of blueberry syrup (my usual mixer) so he was treated to my special Wild Currant Raspberry Fruit Syrup from The Sugar Shack with his baytril. He wasn't impressed. I also still need to put ear drops in Aleister's ear and drops in mine as well! (I have a wax build up that's driving me crazy, but the doc couldn't flush it today as I was seeing him for something else so insurance wouldn't cover it.) Now I'm cooking dinner-it's almost time for my shows. Thank Goodness, I need a break!

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