Friday, September 28, 2007

Smart Dog

Barrett is a smart dog. He even understands the English language, and I'm not just talking about basic dog training commands like sit or stay. My parents came over today and Barrett loves their attention. Towards the end of the visit Dad was sitting in a chair with Barrett at his feet. I was across the room and Mom was in the sunroom. Now according to Barrett, it's not enough just to sit near him-you must touch him as well. Well, Dad was drinking his drink and looking through a book, not paying attention to Barrett. So Barrett kept nudging him. Dad said "Barrett, go over and bother your mother." So, Barrett got up, came right over to me and leaned right into my face. I started laughing and hugged him, then he started stepping on the piles of magazines I was separating, knocking them all over. Yes, Barrett understands "go bother your mother".

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