Tuesday, September 25, 2007

3 Hours

I find it hard to deal with only 3 hours of sleep. I know plenty of people get along with that-or not much more-but I need my sleep. Give me 8 hours-or more!! I had to work last night then go to a class this morning. I got home around midnight and tried to get right to bed...but I had to check my e-mail, check out Neopets (OK play a quick game), take a shower, and then the story in the anthology I'm reading was almost finished...so...I didn't get to bed until about 2AM. Then I couldn't get to sleep, then, after finally falling asleep, I woke up in pain. I won't go into details here-but I lost more than 45 minutes of sleep time. My alarm went off just after 6AM. Yuck. While 6 AM may be nothing to day shift people-it's hell for those of us that work evenings.

At least the class was good. I really enjoyed it. Today was Day 1 of 3. We got toys and candy and even eye candy! God must have pitied me a bit as I got placed in the same group as the piece of eye candy. And we even sat next to each other. Hey, there's no harm in looking!

It's 6PM now and I'm really exhausted, but I daren't take a nap 'cause I'll sleep too long, then I won't be able to sleep tonight and tomorrow's another early morning. So hopefully I can stay awake and watch some new shows on TV.

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