Thursday, August 9, 2012


I spend too much time on the computer...and my iPad. I have to check on e-mails (multiple accounts), blogs (2 with a 3rd premiering this Sunday), Facebook, Pinterest, Pet Hotel, and more. I certainly didn't need to add Twitter. However, I needed treats to get a lime llama in pet hotel. I won't pay real money (the easy way to get treats) but I could get treats (and get a cute sea urchin) if I showed pictures of my Pet Hotel on my twitter account. So...I created a twitter account. I don't plan on tweeting, or reading the tweets of those I follow (I had to pick several people to follow to set the thing up), but I have it. I wasn't able to use my regular username, but I got something close. So, if you see a tweet from Katreader-it's not me, but should you get one from KatreaderKJK-I've given in and added another technological time sucker to my life. Or I'm trying to get another pet for my hotel.

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