Friday, August 24, 2012

Photo Phriday - My New Car

A 2012 Jeep Liberty Sport. The color is called Winter Chill.


Steph said...

I like the new car.

Dewey Setlak said...

So, how does it feel to drive your new car around town? It seems like you’re ready to tackle those bumpy roads in the mountains. Your new car is definitely one of the kings of the road. Congratulations on your having your new car! :)

Dewey Setlak

Timmy Radloff said...

Smart choice going for the Liberty Sport! Most offroad vehicles have issues regarding mechanical failure (Some surveys indicate that the Hummer H1 is at the bottom, followed by Land Rover and Range Rover). But the Jeep Liberty has a strongest reliability among them. You definitely got yourself a tough car!

@Timmy Radloff

Delsie said...

What else can I say? Well, all I can say is congratulations on your new car, Katreader! :) You just have to maintain it, and make sure that you change the engine oil, so that it wouldn't consume too much gas and to ensure that your engine is in good running condition.

Delsie Maidens

Ivo Beutler said...

I think that’s an awesome car! For one, it has a feature called the Sky Slider which allows you to open up the ceiling of the car so you can enjoy riding in the car with the roof fully retracted. Perfect for long family trips out of town! It also has a 4-wheel drive system, which means you get maximum traction on the road each and every time. And that means, better safety on the road for you!

--> Ivo

Kerstin Shed said...

How’s the car doing now? Don’t forget to give it an engine oil change. Most car manuals recommend a more frequent interval for changing engine oil. Follow the most frequent interval recommendation to maximize the life of your engine. This is especially true if you drive regularly in stop-and-go traffic.

Kerstin Shed