Sunday, July 10, 2011


How do they do that? I'm constantly amazed by technology. I've been watching True Blood and am now hooked. I just have season 1 (and I have 2 more episodes to go) so no spoilers, please. Anyway I "liked" the show on Facebook and was able to make a video. It's so cool. I allowed access to my page and then I was able to see my name, along with some of my friends, in the True Blood opening credits-well a portion of the credits. They showed a newspaper-with a missing friend (with picture). Eric called on me! Names and pictures of friends appeared throughout. How cool is that?!? I don't know how they do it, but it sure is neat! Want to check out my video?


Victoria Bolton said...

Couldn't see the video! Poo!
I just re-read the books (while I was stalling on doing homework) and Charlaine Harris has a winning combination, I think. Also, sad to say but Eric beats Henry Fitzroy six ways to Sunday, and that's saying something. Happy TB watching.

Katreader said...

Vicki-I wasn't sure if the video would show from here. However, if you go to my Facebook page-you should find an entry and be able to watch it from there!