Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Raise Awareness Wednesday

Although I didn't adopt from them, Big Dogs Big Hearts was instrumental in bringing Sam into my family. After Barrett died, I didn't think I'd get another dog. I didn't rule out the possibility, but didn't plan on actively trying to get a dog. Time passed and life with the cats, rats, and horse was easy. But I started to miss having a dog. Did I have the time? Would it be fair? I decided to leave it to the professionals. Small rescue groups tend to vigorously screen their applicants-so I'd try to adopt from one of these private rescues. If they felt my life would be fine for the right dog, I'd adopt. If not, I wouldn't. After looking at various websites I found Mila, a German Shepherd with Big Dogs Big Hearts. I got in touch with her foster mom and began the application process. The people at BDBH were wonderful. After meet and greets, home inspections, and more I was approved...sort of. It turns out that Mila's personality was changing and it was felt that we wouldn't be a good match. So although I was approved to adopt from them, it wouldn't be Mila and we'd have to wait for the right match. Mila's foster mom was, and continues to be, fantastic. She was keeping a lookout and we found some possibilities. Then I found Sam and she told me to go for it. BDBH assisted Buffalo Humane by sharing my application information, thus making the process easier for me.

Big Dogs Big Hearts is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing large breed dogs, with a focus on German Shepherds. BDBH is not for profit organization and relies solely on donations and adoption fees. If you live in Western NY and are looking for a big dog-consider adopting from Big Dogs Big Hearts. All dogs live in foster homes around Rochester and Buffalo. There are meet and greets in both cities on Saturdays where you can go and meet some of the dogs available for adoption. If you're unable to adopt, please consider making a donation to this wonderful rescue.

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