Monday, May 16, 2011


Lately, I've been on a jewelry kick. I like jewelry and lately I want to buy and wear it. I do make some jewelry as well. The thing is I rarely wear it...although I've been wearing it more and more. Still, I can't wear jewelry to work and it doesn't make sense to wear it gardening and working around the house, or horseback riding. So why do I want it?! I'm particularly smitten with charms and charm bracelets. I guess it's the choosing of the charms. It makes a statement, "This is me. This is the stuff I like!" I have an Italian charm bracelet, but I don't wear it much as one of my favorite charms fell off the link-and it was a set of 2 (my Dale fell off leaving just Chip) and I can't find the same charm to replace it. I don't wear expensive jewelry, even though I have some. My godfather is a jeweler. I don't wear many necklaces (aside from the medal I wear daily) as they tend not to go with the t-shirts I generally wear. Although, I am working on a byzantine link necklace to match a Polish Pride shirt I just bought. At the moment, when I'm not going to work, or riding the horse, I try to wear some jewelry. Generally, I'll wear a bracelet I made along with 2 rings-a neat one I just bought that says "meow" and a quality piece from my godfather that has a rat on it! This is in addition to the 2 pieces I always wear-a watch and my St. Dymphna holy medal. Do you wear jewelry?

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