Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meds, Meds, Meds

It's all about medication at my house, especially lately. I woke up this morning and took my levoxyl and atenolol along with my vitamin B12 and azithromycin. I also took a dose of cough medicine. I skipped the Afrim. Then I gave Aquinas his prednisolone and enrofloxacin. Seneca got her half pill of methimazole before I took Sam on his walk. Then Sam got his ears flushed out, and neopredef squirted under his arm. As a treat, he got some glucosamine. I felt a migraine coming on, but am holding off on taking my sumatriptan. Later I'll take a Vitamin C, since I'm sick, and my regular fiber chewable. Before bed, Sam will get more talc for his underarm, Seneca and Aquinas will repeat their morning med regime-with Seneca getting a whole pill an I'll take a daily vitamin. Normally I'd take my simvastatin then...but it's on hold while I'm on the antibiotics. And if you think that's a should see what my folks have to do! Is it any wonder pharmaceutical companies are raking in the dough?!?

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