Monday, March 21, 2011

A Day in the Life

Today. the second, and sadly final, day of my weekend was errand day. I stayed inside yesterday doing things around the house, but today I had to venture out. I had a horrible night's sleep-so I couldn't drag myself out of bed as early as I'd have liked, but it wasn't bad. I did a quick e-mail check, then discovered I couldn't renew the 2 library books I had. One I had finished, but hadn't copied the recipes yet, the other I just started. Sigh. So I copied the recipes and headed out. First stop-blood work. The technician was really giddy when she saw my veins. I admit I have great veins, vampires would love me! I was really hungry (it was fasting blood work) so I stopped across the street to Tops. For those not familiar with WNY, Tops is a grocery store. I decided to try a piece of breakfast pizza, which the clerk kindly heated up. Boy, was it delicious-eggs, and cheese, and bacon. Yummm. I ate that then headed downtown to the Fine Arts Store. (It is actually called the Fine Arts Store.) The parking gods were looking out for me-I parked right in front-there were 3 empty spaces, so I didn't even have to parallel park! I found what I needed and headed out again. No luck at the dollar store looking for display ideas. I stopped at a local pet store and got some rat treats as well as had them put up a flier for the Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program. Stopped at a craft store and found some good display items. Then time to see Harley. He wasn't as filthy as I thought he's be. I cleaned him up and we had a little ride. He was a good boy, urging me to push a little more, and we both worked up a sweat. After I cooled him down, I was off again. I stopped at Target and got more display stuff-as well as some cool deals. Then a stop at the liquor store and library. Finally I picked up the pizza I had ordered (who wants to cook after this busy day?) and came home. Now I've eaten and am doing laundry. I'd love a nap, but it's getting late, and I know I won't want to get up after 20 minutes. Now I have to scan my purchases (I'm a Neilson Family) and then it's craft time. I need a weekend from my weekend!

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