Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Technology Woes

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It can also drive you to drink...or throw things. It all started because I won an e-book. Well, that's not exactly true-the problem was already there-trying to download was just the catalyst. I had too much in my iTunes library on my hard drive. After consulting with Apple I got myself an external hard drive. I followed the instructions e-mailed to me precisely and all looked well. My TV shows were on the external hard drive-so I deleted them from the internal. However, when I went back to check my external-they were all gone!!! Auughhhh. The good news-they were still in my recycle bin. So I called Apple Support again. I described my problem to Kyle-who seemed just as confused as I was by the situation. You know it's bad when you have to get put to the Senior Support Staff. So I talked with Steve. Steve seemed to have a grip of the situation and started me working to fix it. However, he was about to go off duty. He gave me homework and I have to call him today. I did my homework. I moved all the iTunes files-TV, music, books, all of it- to a new folder. He then wanted me to put that folder in the external. I tried-but couldn't get the 2 windows open at the same time and wasn't sure if I was doing it properly. Then....I couldn't find my new folder. I still can't find it. It's somewhere in here. At least, I hope it's somewhere in here. Now I'm just waiting til 9:30 Pacific Time to see if I can get this all sorted out. I don't have much hope to solve it all today-I have to go to work, but we'll see what happens.

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